“Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness.” - Galway Kinnell


During a session, I welcome each patient as a unique individual. After a careful history and exam I “listen to your tissues” as well as to your words, to determine the root causes of imbalance. In this somatic conversation, I draw from my well of clinical experience and repertoire of gentle modalities to customize care. Together we collaborate to enhance health and well-being.

Our bodies are mostly fluid. CranioSacral Therapy is an elegant way to track and nourish these fluids. When there is stagnation or interference to flow there can be unease, pain and/or poor health. Fluid resonance can vitalize the various systems including nerves, organs, bones and muscles. This gentle technique is well suited for infants and children and for prenatal and postpartum care.

Our bones are our scaffolding. When this architecture is not aligned there can be pain and limitation. Gentle Chiropractic care may help to optimize orientation, integration and function. Along with our bones, our muscles are essential for strength, coordination and agency in the world. When a muscle is not “online”, it is like a dimmer switch turned too low. Applied Kinesiology is a method to determine when muscles are facilitated or inhibited and offers a process for restoration.

Nourishment comes in many flavors. Nutrition is not only the “what” of eating, but also how we tend the when, where, how, how much and why. I am well qualified to explore this potent topic with you as well as the possible value of nutritional supplements and Classical Homeopathy.

And then there is movement itself. We are movement. Rather than speak of “therapeutic exercise” I prefer to ask what type of movement speaks to you? This conversation can help craft a lifestyle that inspires and nourishes your unique impulse and capacity to move.

In our session, I may include one or more complementary therapies to restore balance and vitality.